Distress call

A red tractor hovers     over its white rims
scalping     around small splinted trees
and I suppress a sneeze     at the green
over rust fence     as the beast grumbles

Under amber pulse flashes     in glass skull
neon skinned     a man-brain circles arm
chainsawed tufts spray behind     in wake
a wood pigeon softly hums     a eulogy

The engine trundle and evisceration     of pulp
freezes dogs mid sniff in heat     over mounds
twisted slides thrum     deserted     as children
scream blind in school hedges     cheer murder

Crisp packets are rolled and shredded
as coffin scraps     they churn up masher
and blades in silence     when daisies
are decapitated     while larks pluck and sift
at remains     the uncut stay rigid     rooted



Z. D. Dicks has been accepted by Fly on the Wall Press, Obsessed with Pipework, Sarasvati, Stride, AIOTB, and Nymphs, to name a few. He is a regular contributor to Literati Magazine and Headline Poetry & Press, works tirelessly to promote poetry and is Gloucestershire Poet Laureate