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Kamrun Nahar





the song of silence
can demolish
thousands springs

Today I tell a story about a young girl who was very skittish in her childhood . Couldn’t seat a single place for a minute, couldn’t remain few seconds silence without thinking anything, so much talkative, so much sporty. But the pressure of our so-called education system manipulated the girl. The societal pressure manipulated the girl. The girl hated the whole system and mentally refused to accept it. But she tried hard physically to do the same thing what other children did on that time. She could understand she lost herself. She was not that person she pretended to be. But alas! The so-called society didn’t forgive her. and its people and their bullshit words made her life a disaster, a painful one. Gradually the girl became so shy, so buttoned up. She had lost herself. Sometimes she screamed but there was no sound. It was a complete silence of a billowy sea.

gravity turns again
to the centre…
but this time it fails



Kamrun Nahar has Haiku and Haibun  published under UTB journal, Cold moon journal, Failed haiku journal, QuillS journal & FemkuMag. Her poems were published in  international anthologies Pandemic Poetry 2020 & Paradise on Earth.

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