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Samo Kreutz






small boy
under his feet
skyscraper shadows


kitchen table
at the master’s place
a tiny spider


evening forest
not quite big enough
for all the shadows




Samo Kreutz lives in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Besides haiku (which he has been writing for nine years), he writes novels, short stories, and poetry. He has published nine books (three of them were haiku books).

Kashiana Singh

5 Haiku Origami cradle songs on the drive home… my empty womb * my mother’s knitted sweaters- I unravel knots * tears- water raining into an empty cup * drifting snowflakes- I restore the fragile lace of my wedding veil * encounters- his world is shaped by her...

Xan Nichols

Haiku in the hope of an easing of lockdown   Sunrise early May all flame and pale duck egg blue; Clouds of lilac grey Just before sunrise - a muted bloom of russet On the chilly ground Above the skyline blazing - the risen sun like a young god Tree trunks east facing...