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Antonela Pallini-Zemin



Mix & Match

but what if we mixed
the smoke of my incense sticks
& the smoke of your rolled-up happiness
in a room only suitable for two?

what if we mixed & matched
your hundred fingers
with my four fingerprints?

what if we let my kundalini
meet your ever-hissing snake?

what if we allowed
my stars-wisdom
match your rationale?

what if we introduced my kindness
to your ancient shield?

what if we mixed my akashic records
with the records of your past lovers?
you should be able to forget…

but what if we mixed
the smoke of my incense sticks
& the smoke of your rolled-up happiness
in a room only suitable for two?


Antonela Pallini-Zemin is an English Language and English Literature Teacher with an MA in Creative Writing Poetry by UEA. Her poems have been published in different newspapers, literary magazines and journals across the UK, the US, Mexico, Argentina, and Spain.
Twitter: @PalliniZemin

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