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We would like now to celebrate the life and work of poet and poetry activist Reuben Woolley who died last December.  Reuben was a regular contributor to IS&T and featured three times in our slanted Twelve Days of Christmas feature.  Reuben was  a fine poet and very well-loved in the poetry world.  This poem appeared on the site on 3rd January 2014.





here I am
in a quiet room
writing these words
in a diary I never keep
here alone in December
writing in May
time is not a relevant factor
the when of these words
can be forgotten
but somewhere
there’s you
not here
somewhere else
so place can be factored out as well
it seems
the only significant things
are this ink
on this paper
and your eyes
on these words
your head
my pen
your thoughts
our words



Reuben Woolley’s 2019 collection This Hall of Several Tortures is published by KFS, and available here: https://www.knivesforksandspoonspress


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