But he watched me eat the chocolate,
One, two, three, four, cordial lime, he
Sat while I settled on this bridal pebble,
and then on the monopoly hat filled
with chew,
He was only a boy, who
could unmould my thoughts just by
waiting to see which fistful came first,

Six, seven, ate so much I could puke,
Fifteen, sixteen size and above,
with love from the heart made of satin
and stick, he watched me
take back what I longed for from nights,
the unrobing ganache,
Christmas all sleep through.

His head just a fraction of what
was to right, and his panda
eyes light in the derelict lounge,
Twenty or more went in down
to the ground, and he watched when I
rolled like a mountain and faced
him, the love anaesthetic
smeared all down my chin.



Tessa Foley’s first collection Chalet Between Thick Ears and her new collection What Sort of Bird are You?, launched in May 2021 are both published by Live Canon. She has recently been recognised in Ware Poets Competition, Charroux Prize and Canterbury Festival Poet of the Year.