We’re very grateful to be able to re publish ‘Swells’, a project in which artists have responded to the pressures on their craft in the middle of lockdown. In the words of the project:

After a year of profound creative challenges, artists across the UK have been forced to evaluate their craft. Swells is a collection of poems exploring the experiences of 5 poets in the depths of lockdown, set to a soundtrack of ambient soundscapes. Through meta-creative reflection, the poets use their art to recount moments of inspiration (or lack thereof) and wider visions of the arts sector during the year creativity became ‘non-essential’.

The five poets reading are Dauda Ladejobi, Sophie Dumont, Stephen Lightbown, Joanna Nissel and C A Pacey with all ambient soundscapes created by Ru Brooks (a.k.a Rainmaker).

Here is a transcript of the poems: tinyurl.com/swellstranscript