Meditation on Shape

I’ve been seeing breasts today.
In the park, lavender is shorn
into tidy humps and the lawn
undulates creating two perfect
peaks between some trees.
A road sign, tipped over, nestles
in leaves, warning that bumps
lie ahead, its graphic design
as fulsome as cupcakes to eat.

Yesterday I read a poem
full of breast milk dripping off
the page and a TV drama
reminded me I once expressed
milk to save. Even the clouds
balloon, sodden, ready to gush.
My ageing breasts, still full,
are dragged down by their weight,
my bras never the right size.



Sue Wallace-Shaddad’s debut pamphlet, A City Waking Up, was published by Dempsey in October 2020. She has poems published in many online journals and anthologies. Sue writes regular poetry reviews and is Secretary of Suffolk Poetry