coffee and the interconnectedness of all things

i like the darkness of it, the bitterness,
the ring of light reflected on the surface.
i like the story. the crushed beans.
the crop growing on the side of a mountain.
i like the journey, but in reverse.
take me from my cold flat, dry me out.
fly me to the other side of the world.
neglect me. return me to the soil.
let my bitter blood boil
on a clay stove on a hillside
in the morning. i could be someone’s
paradise. i believe it’s a form of
reincarnation. i believe steam
forms clouds and our spirits
exist only in memory.
or in other words, every
cloud is a river, a lake,
a body of being, a stream in waiting.
just as each of us is, in our way,
a form of energy.



Simon Alderwick is originally from Surrey but currently lives in the Philippines. His poetry has appeared in Anthropocene, Re-Side, Dust and Magma. He is on Twitter @SimonAlderwick