Goethals Football field, Kurseong

I watch a lonesome Tibetan horse grazing
on the Goethals football field ; solitary clouds chew
sadness all morning here, as if, it is their staple food
at breakfast
The starving fog licks the whole body of the horse
like a swarm of blue fleas on a wound

Down the slope, rows of block- printed
white flags ponder over the psychology of the clouds,
and the flagpoles
offer Cartesian x-axis to the y-axis of the ground
to measure the winter sky’s elevation
Just before noon,
someone regularly yells at the sun here
for no reason
In the evening, I see a lonely human figure going
down the valley with the Tibetan horse with blue fog

In a strange language they converse



Sekhar Banerjee is a bilingual writer. He has four collections of poems and a monograph on an Indo-Nepal border tribe to his credit. He lives in Kolkata, India.