To Frank, on going to High School

Be bold and push open doors.
Embrace the subjects that thrill you.
Maths. Drama. Art.
Endure those you hate
and do them well.
History. Literacy. Dance.
Life is about balance.

Find your tribe.
The weird ones.
The ones who like to sit and think
or write and be still.
The ones who dress different,
even within the scope of a uniform.
They will know the best corners.
They will have good stories,
both real and invented.

Avoid those who will target your strengths,
call them weakness.
They don’t know how to see you.
They will see only your glasses,
or the label on your shoes
or the way you walk or whisper.

They are blind to your kindnesses,
your humour,
the way your draw out your anger and joy
in precise lines
and comic books your fears
into characters,
both real and flawed,
bright and bold.



Sarah L Dixon lives in Linthwaite, Huddersfield with her son, Frank (10). She loves being by and in water and crisp winter mornings. Sarah has 3 chapbook length publications. Find out more here: