I like that morning
is a verb – everything doing and being,
hiving at the tangled docking stations of perhaps-
a hypothetical, taglog Tense,

like channelling 
the multitasking buzzibees, North Circular –
overloading zero hours, burned-out yellow jackets

I like that evening
is a verb – everything being and doing,
equalising current before the switches dim-

a liminal, late-adopting Now,

like powering off
the parakeeting spycambirds of Walthamstow-
flashmobbing green of ringtones, dark 5Ged canopy.



Sarah Davies is from Bedford via Merseyside and works in education. She has been writing most of her life, but has been publishing work for the last few years and has been featured in various publications. She is hoping to publish her first pamphlet soon.