I am healing.

I am the cumin seeds.

I am loving again.

I am cardamom.

I am breaking generational curses.

I am black pepper.

I am prosperous.

I am salt.

I am wealthy.

I am the simsim seeds.

I am beautiful.

I am sugar.

I am reclaiming myself.

I am cinnamon.

I am ambitious.

I am oregano.

I am worthy.

I am paprika.

I am successful.

I am basil.

I am courageous.

I am fennel seeds.

I am home.

I am curry powder.

I am full of love.

I am turmeric.

I am limited edition.

I am saffron.




Salma Abdulatif is an award-winning civic leader and poet from Kenya. She is a recipient of the Global Voices Scholarship and is currently pursuing her MA in Creative Writing (Poetry) at the University of East Anglia.