Slow walk /        in bits

Where can we go on holidays this year,and when will we get a house if you’re away for two years,and now you’re crying,and it’s £4 to park for the day here,and it was dry when we started now we’re soaked,and I guess this is Wales,eh,and you make a good argument you say. you make a good point.and talking about this year’s holiday like we’ve a divine right,and stop in the pub on the way home,the one on the left,and pull in somewhere,read my poetry book,and order chips when the kitchen opens,and say you don’t know how much i love you,do you,and leave our cokes half finished ice floats-



Ryan O’Neill is a journalist and writer from Ireland and currently based in Wales. His day job includes news reporting, investigative journalism and features. In rare quieter moments he enjoys creative writing and poetry, especially exploring themes around expatriate guilt, aging and the complexities around participation in capitalism.