Workshop for Shy Self-Promoters

Although I have never been on the pushy side
of unassertive, what precedent in tactical avoidance
Iโ€™ve established for shy self-promoters!: a workshop
on low-visibility preening in Ray Bans and balaclavas
by Inspirational Houseโ€™s multi-storey parking slab.

I help galvanise the anonymous, the realistic
and the senseless. I help summon cerebral joy
at lessened personal gratification. I generate
indifference to rivalsโ€™ over-enthusiastic labour.

The self will end. You will never feel lonely again.




Rob A. Mackenzie is from Glasgow and lives in Leith. His third collection, The Book of Revelation, was recently published by Salt. He is Magma Poetry magazine’s reviews editor and runs Blue Diode Press.