Just Because

all my life I wanted to meet you and because you were late by three weeks and the cocktail I drank while I waited for you to arrive slid down my throat like orange frogspawn while I gagged over the stainless sink and because when you did come you chose the dark and secret hours for our bonding and you came with a name so I felt Iā€™d known you all my life and because meeting you made me feel I had achieved something like the first woman ever to do it so that I was too high to sleep after and because back in the ward in the next bed was a woman with less time than me and I noticed her empty crib, grieved her empty womb I just wanted to say



Rachel Davies is widely published. She has an MA in Creative Writing and a PhD in contemporary poetry, both from Manchester Metropolitan University. Her debut pamphlet, Every Day I Promise , launched in December 2020 (4Word Press).