Duplex: Horses
after Jericho Brown

Horse running wild through post code black spots
hooves ringing out through sink bin streets
echoing through the ginnel, the red brick streets
my last address I saw wild horses
my last address, horses, horses, horses
& small boys, dirt & neglect, burnt out cars
small boys climbing the wrecks of burnt out cars
small boys startled by the sound of police sirens
small boys throwing bricks; police sirens
the cracked pavements flooding with blue light
a car set on fire, sky flaming with orange light
until the heavens open, rain like a bullet shower
& the horses, horses, horses like an arrow shower
horses running wild through post code black spots.



Rachel Burns‘ debut pamphlet ‘A Girl in a Blue Dress’ is published by Vane Women Press. She was shortlisted in the Wolves Lit Fest Poetry Competition 2021. Tweets at Rachel Burns @RachelLBurnsme