Morning Conversations

Every Gulmohar flower
is a vermillion cup
of the night’s sweet nectar
that drenches
the birds’ parched songs.

Every branch is a perch for daylight
to scout, to rest and to tread
lightly without leaving prints.

The parrots land
among the foxtail flowers
and flutter away
to the red and white powder puff flowers.

The lapwing dances
with its stick legs
on the one-brick-thick cement sill.

The barbets draw curtains of mist
make a choice to sip
from flowers that are slender like champagne flutes.

Sunlight canopies
the garden
the Malabar thrush whistles
through the green.



Preeth Ganapathy is a software engineer turned civil servant from Bengaluru, India. Her writings have appeared/forthcoming in several places such as The Sunlight Press, Atlas and Alice, Sonic Boom, Amethyst Review, Mothers Always Write and elsewhere. Her micro chap A Single Moment has been published by Origami Poems Project.