Night Train

Tall lights beam downwards blanking the night sky
casting long sleeping shadows across the yard.
Darkness edges the mainline.  A taxi,
yellow light on, returns over the bridge.
Slow, uncertain shunting starts up. Stops. Rain tries,
Reconsiders. Light speckles. In the trees,
birds, restless, flap and fight. Deep from the hedge
a fox slinks over tracks back into some other dark
void. Silence steadies. A slow release of brakes
screech beyond the lights.  Sounds sing and collide deep inside
that shed. A phone rings. Rings. Muffled shouts to where
shadows murmur. Droplets fast run down leaves that shake:
the night train     charges past         echoing air

into the night     into the night     into the night



Peter Burrows’ poems have appeared widely. His poem Tracey Lithgow was shortlisted for  th e Hedgehog Press 2019 Cupid’s Arrow Poetry Prize, and he was a co-winner in the Hedgehog Press 2019 Tree Poets Nature anthology.   @Peter_Burrows74