You should never be disappointed by weather

You should never
be disappointed by weather,
just accept it
for what it is,
it won’t lie to you
or let you down.
It’ll tell you,
just by looking at it:
you need a brolly,
or a sun hat.
Pack the factor 50.

You should never
be upset by weather,
it doesn’t owe you,
answers to no-one,
and won’t discriminate.
It is straightforward,
sometimes abrupt:
pressure necessitates
thunder and storms
must follow the sun.

You should never
feel hurt by weather;
It wasn’t mean to you.
It merely existed,
a force of nature.
It isn’t fickle,
it never mocks:
if it’s your pride
at stake, perhaps,
you need a better coat.



Peter Bickerton is a writer, scientist and resident poet of Thought For Food. Peter’s poetry has featured on the BBC, Ink Sweat & Tears, and international multimedia. His poetry collections are Millennial and Thirty.  Website: