The printer needs paper

We think we know what it means when this message appears,
but do we really. Dutifully we search out the half-used packet,
refill the over-complicated tray mechanism and carry on printing.
But, in what seems like so short a period of time, there it is again,
the same plaintive cry, the printer needs paper, or some dire warning
that the printer is low on link. What is it with printers and their needs.
We all need paper; we all need ink. Get over yourself; shut up.



Pat Edwards is a writer, reviewer and workshop leader from mid Wales. Her work has appeared in Magma, Prole, Atrium, IS&T and others. During more normal times she hosts Verbatim open mic nights and curates Welshpool Poetry Festival. Pat has two pamphlets: Only Blood (Yaffle 2019) and Kissing in the Dark (Indigo Dreams 2020).