Making is finding, troubadours know

Making is finding, troubadours know, and all
that comes to hand is an oarlock socket worn
by salt, its oar somewhere freely parting water
and a pilgrim soul finding rhythm. Have him push
the boat ashore at World’s End and make landfall.
Will he map the territory and spread a language?
Found a nation? Bring on mass slaughter?
Or will I make him in the nick of time salvage
a tin of watercolours, a sketchbook packed in oilcloth
and two small brushes of Kolinsky sable?
Let me show you a new world as it was born
in his eyes, the finding and the making both.
Open your paint box, pilgrim, make an indelible
mark on this blank page with the tip of your brush.



Padraig Rooney’s The Gilded Chalet: Off-piste in Literary Switzerland was described in the TLS as “Brilliant. Thoroughly absorbing.” Rooney has published three books of poetry. A bilingual selection appeared from Wolfbach (Zurich) titled Angelandet / Landing Craft in 2017. He lives in Basel, Switzerland. Website: