Christmas Poem 

Worries of the year wrapped up
In non recyclable plastic paper
Black Friday Sale hall of unmissable deals
Our care for one another must be revealed
in how we BUY for one another
Spend Spend Spend
We tend to the sealed boxes bright
The lights and ignore the crying from upstairs
Fill the cupboards
Fill the fridge
Fill your mouth
Our mistletoe kisses
Baby it’s cold outside
Cold cracked skin




Mulling wine
Mulling minds mulling over the time
Has it really been a year?
Permanent red noses
We fear it’s more of the same
Turn off twitter
with a 140 character farewell to the followers
(so as not to be rude)
Only secretly checking feed in the moments of
Bathroom solitude
Turn off notifications at least
For now
Turn off the news
Concerned reporter faces
Replaced with the Eastenders Christmas special
Stare at Albert Square hoping for an escape
Take another Quality Street
Tap the beat of the supermarket adverts repeat
Treat stomachs to a Rennie
(Once the last green triangle has been consumed)
And a new year’s promise
Of an instagram juice diet retreat
A cavernous dark in ribcaged breast

A chest unable to be stuffed with sage and onion
Hollowed for those lost
For those gone
The gravy
Cold now
Has a thick film
Over the top of its murky surface
We howl.

“God bless us everyone”



Elle is an award winning poet, writer, and actor from Brighton. Her debut poetry book ‘Maladaptive’ published by Verve Poetry Press is available for pre order now. Elle’s new spoken word show ‘MEAT’ will debut at The VAULTS Feb 4th, 5th, and 6th. Twitter: @Elle_D_Reams





Season’s Greetings

Shimmering lights for the festive nights
Everybody’s smiling and feeling nice
Atmosphere’s bubbling and set just right
Sippin’ on a tipple – no need to ask twice
One for the sorrow, two for the joy
Need to honour the memory of those no more
Shed a tear for their absence, move on and enjoy

Gotta live for the now, show misery the score
Revel in the beauty of being free
Exultant with the Christmas vibes and spirit
Embracing the family we’ve waited too long to see
Taking in love is truly intrinsic
Inhaling the scents the Yuletide brings
Nostalgia growing as we deck the halls
Grateful for the lives of my Queens and Kings
Seasons Greetings one and all



Dawn Williams (NuDawn) is an amateur poet but a seasoned blogger from Berkshire. A Warrior Woman specialising in keeping it real! Runner up of Through A Different Lens Caribbean Stories Poetry competition. 2020.




You’ll probably shout
You’ll probably cry
You’ll probably pout
I’m telling you why
Your period is coming to town



After studying psychology and publishing an award winning paper on vaginas and well being- My hairy vag had a calling…and has been on the cutting edge of vagactivism and mental health ever since! Her poetry has been spotted inside London taxis, featured on Sky Arts Bafta award-winning show ‘Life and Rhymes’ and heard at many a badass feminist event. She is also the cofounder of the creative arts night ‘The Vagina Festival.’ Her mission in life is to normalise conversations about bodies and mental health through humour and honesty.