Woman 2.0

Woman 1.0 had bagged half the market
but further growth eluded us.
Aesthetic upgrades! barked the CEO.
We hired a consultant.

The fur trim lacks thought,
he hissed at the kick-off meeting.
It needs moving HERE.
THIS area screams for beading.

And just look at these lines,
he spluttered malevolently.
Smooth this, angle that!
Wincing, we fired him.

In the end, we went with utility pockets,
which went down a storm with the focus groups.
We also added several zips,
which I thought were marvellous.



Nina Parmenter’s collection Split, Twist, Apocalypse will be published by Indigo Dreams in 2022. Her poetry has appeared in journals including Atrium Poetry, Snakeskin, Allegro Poetry and Green Ink. She can be found online at www.ninaparmenter.com or on Twitter @ninaparmenter.