The Unholy Spirit

If Jesus was the type to enjoy a drink,Β 
then the porcelain version pinned at our front door
would surely be happier than he looks

Beneath his feet, a round finger bowl,
eternally brimming with holy water.
Never a dry-dip in this house.

Topped with measures from Lourdes
and Medjugorje, or jars filled at the local monastery,
matters not, my mother pours awayβ€”

Meanwhile in the shed, my devoted father brews
brandy-ball poitΓ­n, and scratches his head
at his stash of unexpectedly empty containers.



Niall M Oliver is an Irish writer who has recently returned home with his wife and sons after a decade living in London.Β His poems have previously featured in The Honest Ulsterman, Boyne Berries, Fly On The Wall Press, Ink Sweat & Tears, Black Bough Poetry and others. He occasionally tweets, but only about Poetry and can be found at @NMOliverPoetry.