Crisps with Robin Hood

I almost missed him, with those
camouflage trousers on. He was,
naturally, in the woods. I had shorts.

‘Are you Robin Hood?’ I asked.
He stared for a spell, then nodded.
‘Where’s Merlin?’ I said. ‘And Little

Elton?’ He laughed then, and offered
me some Cider. It was sweet and
I burped. ‘Show me your house,’ I said.

Behind him was a sluggish tent,
a dog called Rascal, seven bottles
and a sleeping bag. We sat and did

stories and Robin released some
cheese and onion and told me about
robbing a piggy bank. He smelt funny

and when I asked about Marion,
he went very quiet. He showed me
a crossbow and we aimed at quick

squirrels. Then Dad, breathing a lot,
came and stared and took me home
and talked loudly with Mum. I had

a bath and story and thought all night
about Robin and why he didn’t have a sword,
or a terrific horse, or a gang of laughing

buddies, or why he cried when I said about home.
Next morning it was cornflakes. I looked out the
window, but there was only next door.



Miles Salter lives in York. He is working on his third collection of poetry. He fronts Miles and The Chain Gang and presents The Arts Show on Jorvik Radio. Find out more at