From the Blue

Life won’t be contained by how far the horizon,
we don’t compose the song of each other
but revel in the days of making.

Love carries the seeds of its own tragedy
and you can’t come through it unscathed,
but endure the days of unmaking.

Long nights, a rosary of infinite hours
will be gathered up by morning light
and eased of all their pain.

Soon the sound of busy bees,
tiny mothers of this gorgeous earth,
blue world breathing life.

From the othersoul of deep cold waters
silvered salmon, last of the wild,
racing the final struggle home

and at dusk, small bats swooping the air,
all the big stuff hiding in the small stuff.


Mick Corrigan’s  debut collection Deep Fried Unicorn was published in 2014, his second collection The Love Poetry of Judas Iscariot will be published by Dionysia Press (UK) in early 2022.  He has  been nominated for The Pushcart Prize (USA) and The Forward Poetry Prize (best individual poem) UK.