On the edge of the Arctic

If the light were to leave our world,
what of it? We would gather
with fire under sturdy roof.
We would share spirits
and stories, songs,
We would sleep
soft in warmth of ourselves.
If the light stuck up above, day
and night, well what of that?
We would work our skills,
sail over horizons.
We would seek
to be sought, go
or stay as we felt we should.
If you don’t suppose I speak true,
visit with me.
It is north,
then north some more.



Maxine Rose Munro writes in English and her native Shetlandic Scots. She is widely published, including being a previous Ink Sweat & Tears Pick of the Month. She is a Pushcart Prize and Best of the Net nominee. www.maxinerosemunro.com