i excuse myself from you tonight.

there is low cloud on the fields
as the sway carries these hands
between this and the next stop.
iโ€™ve fallen for an other, make eye contact;
deliver it through sight. i recognise
my place by the trees; wonder their age,
fall further in his gaze and swell.

iโ€™m far from home, so is she; but the night
we shared together takes me back.

my belly fills with poison, i force more down,
i wonder about your cap, your trackies,
what goes on, and canโ€™t see you now
that the signal has gone, switched off,
by my debt, my lack of willing
to increase the stings.

help me oh father, i know not what i do.


Marty McKenna is an independent Irish poet, born in Tyrone, now living and writing in Belfast. Marty has poems published in both online and print journals. Marty is a neurodivergent poet.