A Jar of Honey Would Give the Poem Away

let’s ponder the idea    stay silent
let the flowers of the fields
come into your vision

lavender   thyme   verbena

breathe in their scents    let them
speak to your senses    tease
your nostrils    then have a jar

go to the beehive
talk to the bees
praise their nectar

bees will fill your glass to the brim

place your jar on the window sill
let the sun
write the poem



London Poetry School Student for 8 years, Marie Papier has attended master classes, Seminars with Philip Gross and Greta Stoddart. Her poems are published by Arvon/Daily Telegraph, The North, Agenda, Stand, The Lighthouse, London Southbank Poetry, smith/doorstop anthology Poems about Running; Online; Calyx, Weather Indoors, anthologies from Bristol Stanza