The Shed Key has a Passive Voice

The shed key was lost.
The little one tells me
it was sucked down a super massive
black hole
the middle one hopes we will find it
by clawing through cat
the biggest one emits
a sound
akin to the thump of a shed key
on grass
with a spare shrug.
take a minute to consider
scream at unmade beds
marvel at how much a skip
can take,
it has been lost in the same
tea mug cushion lump birthday pub meal
smile shirt shoes sheets leg ache old story music
my chair your chair I’ll make the tea

I offer a reward.



Marie Little lives with her husband, sons and a cat who bites her legs. She used to teach but her energy is now focused on family and writing. Marie has work upcoming online in Sledgehammer Lit and Five Minute Lit.