half winged bird, (it cannot fly)
broken house, (death and dust)
land left behind, (a room of dreams)
half of a stone, (a wound)



M.P. Pratheesh has published several collections of poetry and personal essays in Malayalam. His texts and images were part of ‘let me come to your wounds; heal myself’, a cross -disciplinary art event curated by C F John(2020-2022). His poems and/or object/visual poems have been appeared at various places including Singing in the dark (Penguin,2020), Greening the earth (Penguin,2023), Modern Poetry in Translation, Almost island, Portside Review, RlC journal, Indianapolis Review, Indian Literature and elsewhere. His recent publications are Transfiguring Places (Paperview books, Portugal,2021) and The Burial (Osmosis press, UK, 2023). He is the recipient of Kedarnath Singh Memorial Poetry Prize, 2022. Instagram: @mppratheeshpoetry