At ten am, kids safely dropped off at school,
we swarm to the club, slurp into neon Lycra,

elbow our torsos through womb-tight
tops, fold tums and pull bums

into leggings that squish
like a grope in the dark.

As studio lights dim, we lose
our limbs in dance anthems.

A Disco ball spins a kaleidoscope
round our brains like Tequila.

And we wave our flashing glow sticks,
parade across the vinyl tiles;

not caring if we step out of time.



M J Sully is from Sussex, England. Her publications include Prole, Obsessed with Pipework, Strix, Trouvaille Review, Amethyst Review and Pulp Poet’s Press. She’s been long-listed for The London Magazine Poetry prize and is currently putting together her first pamphlet of poems.