Once upon a teacup,
I woke up.
The eyelids yawned and
reality percolated down.

This is not how rain
starts, this is not
how the world
keeps on its axis.

I had a hat to cover
my sinful thoughts,
and a mouth,
to zip them in.

My hands scribbled in
the air, frescos of joy
that would never be found.
It was cranberry and

I couldn’t keep up.
Red stained and I was
but a blurb of dust,
with no carbon trail.


Lucia Sellars is a poet/writer, artist and film-maker. Her writing has been published in poetry magazines and anthologies such as Utopia (Hesterglock Press) and Repeal the 8th (Sad Press). Her film work has been selected and screened in many Film Festivals.