Bake yourself some unicorns
After Rishi Dastidar

Start your day with a cheese board; wear lycra to work; decorate your eyelids with glitter made from
reclaimed rainbow tears; slay your greetings — wink with both eyes — say goodbye instead of hello;
only consume things that are the yellow of the midday sun; defy winter, wear a bikini, manifest
warmth; yoga yourself to a luxury holiday at least 8 times a day —the more you do it the more the
universe receives; eat squirty cream for lunch straight from the can and inhale the gas after; go on a
24 hour lunch break —if your boss asks why tell her to read your daily horoscope; stop your thoughts
at the click of a notification; order yourself a slice of knowledge; you’re owning it babes you’re
shitting out that deposit with every reusable cup. You can do this! Start a petition to ban white bread;
teach the bacteria in your stomach to recycle plastic; don’t eat anything that could look sound or feel
like it could have been crawled on by anything that can be named. Keep going! You know you’re
winning when you wake up and it isn’t raining.



Louise McStravick is a writer, performer and educator from Birmingham. Recent work has appeared in Lacuna Lit, Dear Damsels, Clover and White journal and is currently featured as part of UN Women UK’s virtual exhibition. Her first collection, How to Make Curry Goat is out now with Fly on the Wall Press. She can be found on Twitter @louloudoodoo and Instagram @hyperbolou.