Life Skills Module 3

1.1.ย  Often misunderstood:

  1. Stem cell research
  2. Children
  3. Trigonometry
  4. Joy

Choose two. Compare and contrast.

1.2.ย  In autumn, trees weep their leaves, ready to bud again in spring. Does this make you sad, or happy?

1.3.ย  Your favourite clothes are old blue jeans and a saggy, chunky-knit sweater. You wore them when you fell in love. The next time you wear them, will something good or bad happen?

1.4. Metaphorically speaking, is London Bridge falling down?

1.5. There is a certain poise to loneliness. Discuss.

1.6. You are designing merchandise to market worry. You may design:

  • a worry t-shirt
  • a worry plushie
  • worry Monopoly

Which will you choose, and why? Describe it.

1.7.a. You are running through a forest in the dark, wearing a white Victorian nightgown.

How will it end?

1.7.b. Would the ending have been different had you been wearing tartan pyjamas?

1.8. Which colour best describes joy?

  • Yellow
  • Purple
  • Emerald green

Explain with reference to fragrance.

1.9. Is shopping more enjoyable wearing a mad hat?

Present your answer as a diagram.

1.10. a. If joy were a creature, would it be

  1. A snurfle-nosed, wiggly puppy
  2. An iridescent damselfly
  3. An angel
  4. Something else (please specify)

1.10. b. Describe your answer using interpretative dance.

1.11. Compose your own question with reference to light.


1.12. A man holds out his hand and says, Show me worry; can you hold it in the palm of your hand?

Is his hand empty, or does it contain an invisible multicoloured butterfly?



Louisa Campbellโ€™s first full collection of poems, Beautiful Nowhere, is a memoir about her experiences as both mental health nurse and patient, and was published in May 2021 by Boatwhistle Books. She lives in Kent, England. Website: