Driftline V

by Laurence Campbell and Tom James Scott

(Part five from a series of seven) Driftline (2022) is a poetic series of short films by Laurence Campbell and Tom James Scott. Shot on and around The Islands of Furness, the works exist somewhere between documentary, fiction and nature film. The series was commissioned by Full of Noises, a sound art and new music organisation based in Cumbria.


Photography and editing: Laurence Campbell
Sound recording: Tom James Scott and Laurence Campbell
Music: Tom James Scott
Words for part V: Tom James Scott
Voice: Nina Bosnic


Laurence Campbell
Laurence Campbell is an Artist/Filmmaker currently working in Cumbria.


Tom James Scott
Tom James Scott is a multi-instrumentalist, composer and improviser who currently lives on the North-West coast of England.

Full of Noises