Tomorrow the birds reverse. Owls swing from branches, geese fly bellies to the sky, and  pigeons shuffle ‘round roads on their backs. Tomorrow twitter explodes. Soaring views on  videos. Televised debates. Think-pieces. Memes. Tomorrow David Attenborough’s phone  breaks. The day after tomorrow reverse is normal. New day. New trend. New hashtag. You  film the birds in sepia. Gold light crackles in the corners and long white lines, spider-web  thin, trickle down the screen and round, black patches bounce between the birds. You upload  the film with tomorrow’s date. You upload the film every day. This is not old news. There is  no precedent for birds reversing back.



Laura Stanley is a recent English with Creative Writing graduate. Her poems have been published in Impact Magazine, Voices by Nottingham Poetry Exchange and in Speak Up: An Anthology of Young Voices.