In Memory of Bhau

I have just woken up on a stern mattress in the living room again. I sit up, my hands pressing the night out of my body. There is that devoted din of a ceiling fan, blowing clumps of dust between the sofas. And spread across the walls, sunlight mimics your stillness. I am suddenly sure that if I peel back a picture frame, you’ll be there. We won’t question how you shrunk yourself. After all, you could tear through the limits of this realm like a hunk of bread. How else could you have built this impossible safety?

We have been keeping it well; keeping the TV at an angle, keeping the wall-clock at its guardian height.


Karishma Sangtani is a poet based in London and Essex. She has performed at poetry events across the U.K such as Heaux Noire, Bright Smoke and DiVerse. Her work appears in ‘SLAM! You’re Gonna Wanna Hear This’, an anthology published by Pan Macmillan. She is also a member of The Writing Squad’s most recent intake. Twitter- @karishmalily