The Queen is a Bloodclart

the queen is a Bloodclart
dissect the monarchy, pull it apart,
reveal the truth that they wish
they could conceal;

raping, pillaging, stealing,
imperialism, colonialism, racism.

they protect those with the same
face as them and name as them and
those whose pockets bear the same
weight as them


and any one who wants to be mates with them
inbred paedophiles, guilty of crimes
that could stretch for miles

the queen is a Bloodclart
a blood sucking parasite
who doesn’t give a shit about
“her people”.

head of an outdated institution of evil
that doesn’t see us as equal, so

why wait until kingdom come
when this kingdom has done told us that
unless it can own us, we will never be its people?

the onus is on us
to divide the conqueror and
see what becomes of the unbalanced sum
when the 99 stand up to the 1.


Jayda David – The Queen Is A Bloodclart (Live at GrooveVerse)

Jayda David facilitates poetry and spoken word workshops with themes of identity, Black British History, mental health and more. Both in-person and online, Jayda has delivered workshops independently and on a commission with other organisations. Using her experience as an English Tutor and Youth Worker, she first trained and started deliver workshops in 2019 with Brixton based young people’s charity Poetic Unity. Since then, she has delivered workshops at schools, universities and institutions across the UK – some of those being Theatre Peckham, University of Aberdeen and people-of-colour bird watching collective, Flock Together (read more about their mission of changing the colours of the outdoors here).