In the dog days of this
dogโ€™s breakfast world,
you remain dogged

in your doggy ways;
face licker, arse sniffer,
purveyor of fetid breath,

oblivious to squalor,
fantastically lavish
with ย affection.

Incapable of guile or guilt,
your shamelessness
puts me to shame.

Each morning,
like every morning,
a whirl of wag and slobber;

you greet me
like the long lostโ€”
I am kibble in your paw.

Look up lunar howler,
Sirius shines for you,
take a bow wow wow.



Jonathan Rosen is a 57 year old psychotherapist and poet ย – He been writing for 15 years but these his first tentative steps at releasing some to the world.