Open Love Letter

I’m ready for love now,
now that I’m falling apart,
now that it’s hard to find
a centre where resistance can collect.

I’m ready for love now,
now that the handful who loved me have gone;
more ready than I’ve ever been,
as I clutch at this, now that, passing impossibility.



John McKeown is a freelance arts journalist, a former theatre critic for the Irish Daily Mail and Irish Independent. As a poet he’s the author of Night Walk (Salmon Press 2011), Sea of Leaves (Waterloo Press, 2009) and Looking Toward Inis Oirr (South Tipperary Arts 2003). As an erotic writer he’s the author of Faustina and The Barbarians (A Hotter State 2013) Vampire Abbey, Battle for Vampire Abbey (Xcite Books 2013) and Aphrodisia (2014).