It was before dawn when I saw him
hurtle behind an asteroid
illuminating my telescope with the flash
of a cheap bathroom bulb
too hot and burst under stress.

And you can flip the switch but
the cosmos told him to hide
so heโ€™ll nick himself shaving
and give up on toothpaste.

There are craters in him. Deep swells
that betray the empty nights of the tick-
tock-tick-tock-ticking in his temples.
And all the Nytol, melatonin supplements,
lavender oil and soft touches
donโ€™t know how to help.



Izzy Lamb works as an Editorial Assistant and Project Manager for a scientific book publisher, ISTE. Her work has been published by otoliths, morphrog and The Honest Ulsterman. She can be found at @IzzySLamb.