мы сделаны из кусочков тишины вместе взятых.
гроб из плоти – это тело
оно содержит нас от рождения до смерти
но в небе
только одно облако осталось висеть
на углу наклонного здания
и кто в любой момент мог упасть



we are made of pieces of silence put together.
The coffin of flesh is the body.
It contains us from birth to death
But in the sky
There’s only one cloud left hanging
On the corner of a leaning building
And who at any moment could fall


Ivan de Monbrison is a poet, writer and artist living in Paris born in 1969. He has studied oriental languages there after high school.  Ivan has autistic and schizophrenic tendencies that he has been trying to cope with through art, in the past twenty years of his life.  He has published some poems in the past.


Note: Ivan de Montbrison has translated his own originally Russian language poems, into English.