Isolation by Richard C. Bower

Settle me
With a restive hand of congregation
One that makes me sit back and think again
Offer me a chink of light
As opposed to the consumer society
With its dreams that end in ruined plight …
As I walk on/I realize
How subordinated we’ve become
And how the soul is overrun
We pay lip service to community values
I walk through the city – and I question
How we hardly know our neighbours –
Where’s our togetherness?
We’re all consumed by on-line searches
I thought we were social creatures
… of the night …
Full of appetite, and voracious..?
We are sold this n that
But impulsive acts
Don’t give meaning to life
We seem to survive/On monotony and convention
Where phones rule everyone
The urban wasteland is a vacuum of zombies
With an absence of faith
Except for a vague/belief in unknown deities
We’re suffocating in work, commerce and conformity …
As consumer society
Fills our lungs
My chest deflates
As I contemplate
The depths of these thoughts


Richard C. Bower is the international selling author of both ‘POSTMODERN’ and the newly released ‘Sanctuary’. Recognised by UNESCO Nottingham City of Literature, Writing East Midlands, and Nottinghamshire County Council as one of the area’s most prominent writers. Collaborated on work with BBC Radio, Mansfield Town F.C. and OCD UK amongst others. Described as “Byron, Bukowski and Kerouac” all rolled into one.

This poem, Isolation, is taken from the new collection Sanctuary that has reached the Inspirational Best Selling Books List on Amazon, and has been likened by academic experts to Gitanjali – the 1913 Nobel Prize for Literature winner by Rabindranath Tagore.