Ink Sweat & Tears is an online poetry and prose magazine that publishes something new every day as well as featuring word & image, film poems and reviews.

The IS&T intern is a paid editing position for poets or writers who identify as Black, Asian, Latinx, Mixed or from another global majority ethnic group. It is a part-time role with a salary of £500 for approximately 40-50 hours of work per month working from home. Each intern is employed (on a subcontracting basis) for at least four months. The next vacancy is from 1st May 2022 and we also hope to choose our September 2022 and January 2023 interns during this process too.


  1. Must come from the Black, Asian, Latinx, Mixed or other global majority communities (minority ethnic within the UK.)
  2. Some level of formal training in assessing contemporary poetry and recognising its forms is necessary, though this does not have to be a university degree.
  3. Familiarity with social media – Instagram, Twitter and Facebook – and Zoom.
  4. Some familiarity with WordPress is an advantage.
  5. References are required and a letter/email of support from a tutor or mentor will be required for those who reach the interview stage.
  6. UK residency, a UK bank account and registered, or can be registered, as self-employed.


  1. Receiving submissions of poetry, prose and reviews via a dedicated email address which will be open from the 1-15th of each month, accepting 10 per calendar month and posting these on days agreed with publisher Kate Birch and editor Helen Ivory. (All submissions are answered even those which are not accepted for publication.)
  2. Receiving all submissions of Word & Image and Filmpoems and, via Email/WhatsApp/Messenger discussions with Kate and Helen, choosing these and posting them approximately every two weeks.
  3. Being the voice of IS&T on Instagram and potentially sharing Twitter or Facebook duties with Kate. (Instagram posts can be made via Facebook Creator Studios so it would be helpful if you are on Facebook in any case.)
  4. Persuading contacts to submit to Ink Sweat & Tears and being proactive in terms of setting up interviews etc on Instagram Live.
  5. Curating posts on a particular theme/writing op-ed pieces or reviews/etc. These additional activities are dependent on time available and can be determined with Kate and Helen and worked on under their supervision.
  6. Helping to maintain our new web site and our archive site.


Please email Kate Birch at with your CV attached, including contact details for references, along with a document or pdf incorporating a short note of no more than 200 words on how you qualify for this internship in terms of background and training. In addition, this must include a longer paragraph (500 word limit) as to why you want to go into poetry/prose editing.

Please also send us samples of your poetry (3-4 pieces) or written work if you are not a poet (no more than 750 words).

You can also contact Kate if you have any questions or want a pdf copy of this page.

Please note that your personal data will be processed in accordance with relevant UK Data Protection laws and only be used to enable representatives of Ink Sweat & Tears to make decisions on the internships. It will not be shared with any third party unless required by law. We will securely destroy or fully anonymise your information when it is no longer needed.