Last Thursday in November Together Since 1957

Four newest mangy
old dogs, done being punished
for yesterday’s quasi-traditional

jockeying to grab what they may
have thought of as their fair share,
one of several home-grown free range

cooked Thanksgiving turkeys,
before I could move her tinsel tray
from Subaru to deposit on kitchen island

now accompany us down foul weather’s
steep crooked muddy path to Little River
basin: Each of our eleven humans or beasts

have had hip operations,
many by the retired veterinarian
in attendance who lives up the California

coast into Oregon, or currently fight off
spinal stenosis by using walking poles as we
talk about how we might possibly “age in place.”



Gerry Sarnat MD’s won prizes/authored Homeless Chronicles, Disputes, 17s, Melting Ice King; published by Review Berlin, Gargoyle, Oberlin, Brown, Stanford, Harvard, Main Street Rag, New Delta Rev, American Journal Poetry, Poetry Quarterly, Brooklyn Rev, LA Rev, San Francisco Mag, New York Times.