Take a half-shower

Sit at the edge of the bath, feet wet

Shower head unscrewed, hose lying flaccid in the bath

Belching out lukewarm water over overgrown toenails


Walk around the house bumping into things

Giggle like a child, bump like a Roomba

Bang head, hard

Check the biscuit tin


Imagine yourself with hollow bones

Bones crack when                                                                           anything occurs

Find yourself in the kitchen

Leave the kitchen

Gaze at white expanse of arm


Take        up               jogging!                                    (soon)


Decide to submit a poem and

Trawl the internet for journals

This one is in Mid-West Ohio

Which itself is Mid-West

The Mid-West of the Mid-West of the Mid-West of the Mid-West of the


Calculate                                                                     and

Memorise                                                    Pi                                      to

Seventeen                                                        decimal                               places



Check the biscuit tin

Climb stairs with sudden burst of speed

Descend ghostly in nightie, unsure why you climbed


Eighteen decimal places


Leave the kitchen


Count tiles in the-

Leave the kitchen

Do the smallest thing to pass the longest time

When the hospital won’t take you



Elizabeth McGeown is from Belfast, NI. She has had poetry published in Banshee, Abridged and The Blue Nib. She has been a finalist in the All-Ireland Poetry Slam four times, performing at the 2019 Hammer & Tongue UK Slam Finals.