A Murder of Crows

I feed the crows that loiter in
my back garden.

The young ones
know no manners
and fail to bring me gifts
like their older kin.

They bring glittery things,
discarded wishbones, rusted metal,
random objects
no doubt each
with a story of its own.

I place them in the wooden box
I have fashioned from sticks
found in the depths of a busy forest
curling around the
perimeter of my humble home.

I have lined my box
with plush blue velvet.
The blueness compliments
the glittery things
and the soft, soft velvet
pleases my touch.

I could sit all night touching it
and twirl the trinkets
through my fingers,
dropped from the beaks of
a murder of crows
as they come to roost
in the space
that once housed my heart.



Donna Campbell is a performance poet. She has had worked published in various magazines and anthologies. Her debut collection, Mongrel, published by Seahorse Publications, launched in 2021. She is working on her second collection to be published in late 2022.