Happiness in my lockdown sock drawer

Test-tubes, conical flasks and molecules.
Back to A Level Chemistry with Mr Cartwright
we learn about magnetism with marker pen examples.

A moon lander, planets and a telescope
and I am back in my childhood room,
sticking Joddrell Bank stars to my ceiling.

Dinosaurs, complete and skeletons.
Remind me of that ruler from the museum,
the dinosaurs hologrammed to skeletal and back.

Walking peacocks, their tails low.
and wide-eyed open feathers
on the other foot.

Mustard mushrooms and burgundy leaves.
I can almost smell the forest floor,
feel the damp soil.



Sarah L Dixon lives in Linthwaite, Huddersfield. Sarah’s inspiration comes from being in and by water and adventures with her son, Frank. Sarah misses pubs and poetry adventures in other cities and seeing the sea. http://thequietcompere.co.uk/