All Day Breakfast
Your bad hours fizz
in a squirming glass,
and as cheery as they
had previously seemed
you require the waitress to
please change these
flowers, they’re fake;
this head, please … this universe …
Hope the bellowing coffee
can fill you without any serious
danger of overflowing.

you only needed to pin down
the laughing words;
today you’re their prisoner,
ask impossible questions
of the misting-over window.

Chances are you’re at the birth
of the best poem you’ve never written.



David Redfield is a poet, writer, mentor, and workshop leader. Publication includes Stretching Horizons (Hawthorn Press), Sulla’s Cauldron (Crataegus Press), various anthologies. David was longlisted in the 2014 RSPB/Rialto Nature Competition.  Utter, (Ennor Press, 2016) available from Amazon.View examples of his work and further bio-information at